WE OUI! • Fumiko Imano

Little Big Man / 2017 / hardcover

"Twins" was born by accident. When I came back to Japan from London, I started making twins pictures to cheer myself up. I was already 27 and once again I was an alien in my own country. Living as a proper Japanese lady with responsibility was very heavy burden; it was hard for me to accept. So I enjoyed making child like twins to make my life better. I thought: "If I have a twin sister, I won't be lonely, and I will be happy living in any environment together." It actually makes me laugh when I see myself becoming a twin by cutting and pasting. It somehow encourages me to live in this so-called "developed country".

︎ Condition note: A used book in very good condtion / bending to boards as the result of shelfwear / else Fine