PROCESS • Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Lydia Lunch, Adam Parfrey & Timothy Wyllie 

Feral House / 2011 / hardcover
Out of print

The celebrated thematic magazines of the notorious Process Church of the Final Judgment cult were created to be hawked on the street in order to raise money and attract like-minded adherents to their unorthodox Gnostic theology.

Printed in order of their first appearance, the Sex, Fear, and Death issues are here reproduced in their entirety in a handsome clothbound book.

The Feral House release Love, Sex, Fear, Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment by Timothy Wyllie and other ex-members explored the history and aftermath of the notorious organization and the accusations lodged against it. Soon after its publication, Feral House received dozens of requests for full reproduction of the original magazines that are now sold online (when they can be found) for over one thousand dollars apiece.

The magazines reproduced in this book are lionized as being decades ahead of their time in terms of the sophistication of its art and design. The cult was also attacked for including in its Death issue a contribution by Charles Manson. This inclusion led the dark-robed cult to be characterized as a sinister death cult.

This book provides an introduction by Adam Parfrey, and by the magazine's original art director, Timothy Wyllie. Adam Parfrey contextualizes the meanings and impact of the magazines on the world at large.

︎ Condition note: A used book in Good to Very Good condition / small tear to front bottom cover / tight binding / clean, bright, pages