MUCHISMO • Cristina De Middel

Paperback / 160 pages
La Fábrica / 2016

Invited to mount an exhibition at the Teatro Fernán Gómez in Madrid, Spanish photographer Cristina de Middel (born 1975) dug around her studios and chose to display all her images in exactly the way she has them stored―in colossal, gorgeous chaos. The result is Cristina de Middel: Muchismo, a unique display of the photographer’s entire oeuvre, constrained by neither a curator nor any apparent organizing order.

Varied and entertaining, at times playful and bizarre, Muchismo gives de Middel a chance to interrupt the normal operating rules of the art market, presenting her photographs not as collectible objects but as constituent parts of the larger story she has been telling with her work. With Muchismo, de Middel’s latest hotly anticipated publication, the award-winning photographer continues her exploration of the forms and limits of the medium.

︎ Condition note: Good