HIDDEN IMAGES • Games of Perception - Anamorphic Art - Illusion From the Renaissance to the Present
H.N. Abrams / 1976 
Paperback / 167 pages

202 illustrations, including 28 plates in full color. "Among the most baffling and entertaining illusions are those created by anamorphic distortion. By sophisticated application of the laws of perspective, pictures can be stretched and distored beyond recognition, remaining 'unreadable' until they are viewed from a special angle or with the aid of a suitably shaped reflecting surface." In this book "we can play the game of perspective distortion in the company of artists such as Leonardo, Holbein, Caravaggio, and Carracci, and follow its progress through the centuries...." "A sheet of reflecting silver plastic is packed in each book. When rolled into a cylinder and placed on a circular picture, it unravels the many secrets -- the hidden political, religious, and erotic images -- that lie hidden in these strange and wonderful works of art. “

︎ Condition note: A used book in Good condition / suntanned cover / front cover raised slightly when book is laid down / pages clean, bright & unmarked / original foil sheet laid in
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