Flash Art Publishing / 2015
Paperback / 88 pages

Text by Nicolas Trembley; interview with Sam Falls and Nicolas Trembley

The Four Seasons Forever is the catalogue of Sam Falls' one year show which presents 13 sun-printed photograms of vinyls on colored textiles exhibited in a dramatic stage-like atmosphere, with parts of Vivaldi's masterpiece playing according to the season (artist's book, the first in a series published in limited editions by Flash Art).

“Then we moved to Topanga Canion... I took three boxes, about one hundred of their records, and selected the most naturalist symphonies—Vivaldi's The Four Seasons being the best example—and used them as my new subject matter. I took the records out of the sleeves and placed both the vinyl LP and its case on the fabric. I matched the color of the fabric to the dominant color of the record sleeve. As I was doing this, I dually conceived the sound element... The work will be spotlit like an orchestra... the record and its cover are ideal for my work because they are pure circles and squares respectively, so they speak to abstraction and geometry in the context of art and art history.”
Sam Falls

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