ERE-VOICE • Carl Rakosi

Hardcover / 92 pages
New Directions / 1971

In his first collection of poetry since Amulet (1967), Carl Rakosi again probes the minutiae of everyday experience, expressing, as one reviewer has put it, and attentiveness "to the ordinary until the ordinary ceases to be so. . . ." But the poetic voice wiser and more mature, yet no less humorous or lyrical now addresses itself with greater frequency to public issues.

Nevertheless, Ere-Voice is not weighted exclusively with the poetry of social protest in its usual sense. For in his own words, Rakosi a leading member of the Objectivist Group that included, among others, Louis Zukofsky, Charles Reznikoff and George Oppen seeks primarily "to present objects in their most essential reality and to make of each poem an object. . . meaning by this, obviously, the opposite of a subject; the opposite, in other words, of all forms of personal vagueness; of loose bowels and streaming, sometimes screaming, consciousness.

︎ Condition note: This is a used book in good condition. Some light staining, minor chips to dustjacket, free of any interior marks. Wrapped in protective mylar.