Wet Satin Press / 2017 / paperback
First edition of 600 copies

Wet Satin Press - an independent London-based publisher - was established in 2015 by Reba Maybury, with the aim to 'CREATE PUBLICATIONS ABOUT THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE INCLUDING : perversion, worms, fetish, women, being a woman, passion, being a man, control, power, sex, identity, hating the tories, integrity, guttural emotion and boredom.'

In Dining With Humpty Dumpty, Mistress Rebecca, a dominatrix, is contacted via a fetish website by one Humphrey, username "humpty-dumpty", a politically conservative, nauseatingly sychophantic 34-year old "corporate creative" who harbors a desire to be dictated into obesity --to the point of immobility--- by a beautiful, punishing woman. The novella spans the trajectory of their brief relationship, most chapters delimiting their meetings at restaurants across London. Ms. Maybury, herself a London dominatrix, enlivens Humpty’s auric ineffectuality & cossetedness with droll observations of Humpty’s physicality, expanding on his "intrinsically English … Palatable [mousiness]", frequently noting his pinkness.

Artwork by Will Sheldon