CAPTIVE • Forugh Farrokhzad
Rhombus Press / 2018
Risograph and Silkscreen Edition of 250
10” x 6” (25.4 cm x 15.2 cm) 155 pages
Bilingual edition (Farsi, English)

Asir (Captive) is the first collection of poems by Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad originally published in Iran in 1955. This Rhombus Press edition presents to a new generation of Iranians as well as a new audience of English speakers, a facsimile of the extremely rare first edition, first printing accompanied by an English translation.

The first edition, first printing of Asir from 1955 includes 41 poems, an introduction by Shojaeddin Shafa, a clarification by Farrokhzad and 11 illustrations. No subsequent printings of this publication have ever been the same. The English translation by Farzaneh Milani also includes a translator’s note and a 1954 article from Iranian literary magazine Roshanfekr (The Intellectual).

“During the past few decades, Farrokhzad has literally become an icon for a large number of Iranians inside and outside the country. She has come to represent the unfettered voice of rebellion and freedom: psychological, sexual, and emotional as well as social and political. It is no exaggeration to say her poetry, like the responses it elicited, offers insight into the ethos of pre- and post-revolutionary Iran. It explores some of Iran’s internal conflicts, including tradition and modernity, the rights of the individual, gender roles and relations.”
–Excerpt from the translator’s note by Farzaneh Milani.